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May 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Nothing better than some terrible play on words to get a blog rolling.

I’ve been wanting to write more for quite a while now. Like many writers, the motivation comes and goes in a tidal fashion; crashing in unexpected at times and pushing water up my nose with giddy excitement before sucking out again, leaving only my shivering torso and sand in my underpants.

Lately the pressure I’ve unknowingly been building inside about writing has reached nearly fever pitch, to the point where I’ve almost felt some kind of strange neurosis over writing. I planned to write a short story every week. I planned to enter a bunch of writing competitions. I planned to write letters to people, some who I know, some who I don’t. I planned to start a novel. I planned to start a thirty part series (no, really, I did). I planned to start a blog that documented my writing a novel and maybe even write it on the blog in real time as some kind of masochistic, voyeuristic experiment.

Instead, I kept getting stuck reading blog after blog after blog about writing and how to be better at it. This didn’t help. I began to feel more and more incompetent at the craft, and less like writing than I have at almost any time in my life.

This afternoon, I found a file on my computer that I forgot I had, a collection of tour diaries from my time spent on a few different tours with bands. Reading some of these made me smile. Occasionally, they made me feel somewhat skilled. Now was the time to do something, anything – and although I have always reserved a warm, comfortable, cynical spot deep inside for personal writing in a public forum (not that it’s ever actually stopped me from doing it, mind you), I figure that at least with an (however) imaginary pressure of potential public scrutiny nipping at my heels, I may keep up some sort of flow.

So here we go, christ knows what will result but with any luck it will at least be entertaining for you, who are reading this right now. Thanks, I’ll try to do you proud.

Oh, and I’ll change that heading sometime soon. Probably.



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