Effective Communication

June 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

For a little while now I’ve been trying to work out what my calling is. Rather than listen, I’ve kinda thrown myself at a few things to see if they take hold. I went for a very long walk through France and Spain at the end of last year (if you’re so inclined you can read about that here) and got the feeling I should be doing something healing. A clairvoyant numerologist told me the same thing. (Actually, his exact words were that I had “Jesus healing hands”, which is a lot of pressure to put on someone when you think about it. I’m just glad I’m not still on tour or I’d be getting asked to turn the water on the rider into wine.) For a little while, I considered studying naturopathy or kinesiology but neither of those things stuck. There’s interest there, but not enough to drop a few thousand dollars on studying them.

And then, into my lap, fell effective communication. I attended a couple of workshops by a lady called Frances Amaroux and they inspired me, I suspect largely due to the suffocating swamp of ineffective communication I was drowning in with my fellow community members where I live. Around the same time, a professional speaker asked me if I was involved in communication, and when I said no, she told me she thought I had a real flair for it.

Of course, nothing gets me thinking like a little flattery. I looked into it and it turns out that, aside from a few very expensive courses, effective communication can be learned very cheaply, with so many free resources online for wannabe lecturers or teachers that it’s a wonder we don’t all get along so much better than we do. But I’ve noticed as I wade through this material that there’s a very good reason for this.

It is by and large almost mind numbingly boring.

The course I’m doing now started off strong, with lots of great exercies and a little humour. I’m now seven chapters in and I feel like I’m sitting through transcripts of self help group meetings in old community centres. Surely this material can be presented in a way that’s not only respectful and caring and all that kind of thing that’s required when assisting people into dark places they’ve kept locked for many years, but also fun? If I’m going to go exploring somewhere cobwebbed and foul smelling, you can bet I’ll be the first one cracking jokes to ease the fear.

At any rate, it occured to me that this very thing could be my niche. I’m working on a program now that incorporates all that I’m learning, but with some Fozzie Bear style zingers throughout, perhaps with a couple of entertaining stories along the way. I think if this is something I’m going to be working on to inspire people, I’m going to need to be inspired first.


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