A New Jason

June 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

For some time now, my girlfriend has taken great delight in teasing me about my man crush for Jason Statham. It’s hard to fight back, because I do indeed get something of a tingly feeling when I see the man on film.

It started with The Transporter. I’d seen him elsewhere (Guy Ritchie films mainly), but it was in this admittedly pretty poorly scripted and averagely acted movie that I really noticed him. It was more for his driving than his torso. I discovered that he was a former British Olympic Driving champion, and that he did his own stunts. For a maverick like myself who likes to dream I’m in a Bond-esque chase when I’m tearing around the mountains here at home, this is more than a little impressive.

It wasn’t too long before I would imagine I was Frank Martin, high tailing it to my destination with a package in the back that could only be bad news. Whenever I had a passenger in the car and got a little frisky behind the wheel, the invariable response would be, “Okay, slow it down Statham!”

Then, last night, I found myself at my first ever kickboxing class. I didn’t consciously decide to do this to be like Jason, but nevertheless the connection was not lost on me.

Jason Statham

Me after a few more lessons and a haircut

I don’t know what I expected but the class was very enjoyable. The teacher (a guy who actually looks a little bit like Statham, and is also called Jason) was very supportive and ensured I didn’t feel like an awkward klutz. The guys in the class were far from the meathead posers I half imagined they would be, but were quiet, attentive and encouraging as well, offering tips when I started to struggle.

I had mentioned earlier that I thought I was pretty fit thanks to yoga and tango dance classes (Jason politely refrained from laughing at me), and that my main aim for kickboxing was technique rather than fitness. At around the fifteen minute mark, as I was collapsed over my knees gasping for breath, Jason walked past and winked at me. “It’s a different kind of fitness, isn’t it?” he smiled as he kept going.

It certainly is. I forced myself to arise early this morning for a long yoga practice and if I hadn’t I’m sure the dull ache in my arms and upper back right now would be more of a screaming violence.

But I think I’ll persist with the kickboxing for a while, it’s a nice round out to yoga and tango, and it might serve as an entry point to free running training, something else I’ve been thinking of doing. As for my crush, my mum once told me that she nearly called me Jason, so perhaps it stems from there. She apparently changed her mind after going to a shopping centre one day and hearing different mothers all around her angrily shouting, “Jason, come back here!” “Put that down Jason!” “Don’t you even THINK about it Jason!” Who knows who I’d be if I had that moniker instead?

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