Back Behind The Desk

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Saturday Angie and I had our first stall at the Wauchope Markets with our new business, Angie Gluten Free. I say “our” in a very loose sense, Angie is actually the talent.

Asleep on the job, but looking great in the chef's jacket

Last week we travelled down to Sydney for a birthday and while there, went to see Seeker Lover Keeper play at the Clarendon. It was a beautiful reunion, as I used to manage Sarah and Holly who play in the group, and have worked for Sally as well. It brought back memories of management and Angie and I both laughed that with Angie Gluten Free, I’m almost doing the same thing – ensuring the talent gets attention.

Carrot cake with cute little borrage flowers on top

I’m mostly in charge of things like promotion and organising stuff, a very similar role to what I was doing in the early days of artist management. The markets saw me back behind the merch desk, so to speak, as well. The main differences here were the punters weren’t drunk and I got to eat anything left over at the end of the day.

Angie's awesome Bliss Balls

It was a fantastic morning and we sold almost everything we took in, which was a huge surprise. I thought I was pretty much alone in enjoying the delights of chocolate beetroot cake before lunchtime, but it appears that I’m not.

Everyone loves cupcakes!

So now I only have to pull together our recalcitrant website (nothing on there yet) that’s not playing nice – it’s all set up ready to be adorned with photos and witticisms but it’s not unlocking the back door for me. I also have to get a Facebook page up and work on the twitternessof it all. I’m hoping to have the lot done by the end of the week – Angie heading down to Sydney on Thursday will help with that, I’ll have little else to do each night.


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