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September 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I will be the first to admit that I’ve been doing a very shitty job of writing since I started this blog. Things get in the way, and when there’s space to write I generally want to do nothing more than kick back and read something that someone else has written.

But there is hope yet. Jaspers Village Resort, where I live and work, will be hosting a creative writing workshop for novelists on the first weekend of December. The tutors haven’t been revealed to me yet, and I also hear there may be a special guest writer coming along. The most bewildering thing is the price – it’s only $300.00 per person for the weekend. I know what we’re charging the organisers and I can tell you that for accommodation, freakin’ excellent food (courtesy of my brilliant wholefood chef partner Angie) and two days of writing workshops, this is the best deal workshop I’ve seen anywhere. Of course, they haven’t told me the tutors, but I figure they’d have to be pretty terrible to not make this a good deal.

Not that I’m trying to sell it here. No one reads this blog for starters, and I have other avenues to do that in. I’m just excited that there’s a writer’s workshop being held virtually in my own home. I’ve also resigned from my job as manager here, effective as of October 1, so I really have absolutely no excuse then not to start putting pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard as the case may be.

Write side of the brain, time to wake up!


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