Not quite a rainbow connection

I'm not the green one.

A few things about me.

* I live in country New South Wales, which means I no longer feel my walls shake when a plane flies overhead, as I did when I lived in the middle of Sydney.

* It does, however, mean that I sometimes have to collect cow poo when they roam across from our neighbour’s property (the cows, not the planes). I feel this is an acceptable trade-off for the airplane noise.

* I enjoy writing. At least, I used to. I am attempting to resurrect that joy through this site.

* I enjoy reading, more so now than I think ever before. My appetite for books is almost startling at the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself chewing on one before long.

* I love the Muppets.

* More than anything I love my beautiful girlfriend Angie. I wouldn’t normally put something so obvious and groan-worthy on a site but she’s away right now and I am feeling her absence in the same way I feel at the end of a novel I wasn’t ready to finish reading just yet.

* I used to tour Australia and occasionally overseas with musicians. I really enjoyed doing that at the time, and now am really enjoying not doing it any more.

* I’m a very approachable person. Feel free to ask me anything, or tell me stories. One thing I do miss from touring is hearing people’s stories.


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